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The Best Deep Inspection and Cleansing
Tool Available For Microsoft Word,
PowerPoint, and Excel.

Why do you need Document Detective?
See our Top Ten Hidden Data Issues for the answer.

Document Detective was designed specifically to prevent inadvertent data disclosures when classified Government or Business documents are downgraded. The software can identify and sanitize more than 100 types of hidden data, including Ad Hoc Review data, Meta data, tracked changes, comments, embedded object linking and embedding (OLE) files, embedded objects and object fragments.

The Ad Hoc Review feature automatically enables Tracked Changes without warning when a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file is attached to an Outlook email. The hidden data resulting from an Ad Hoc Review can be difficult to remove, especially from PowerPoint.


Document Detective also provides deep inspection and content
verification for Adobe PDF, HTML, XML, MHT, and text files.

Document Detective removes tracked changes from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.  Many other software packages still fail to recognize tracked changes in PowerPoint and Excel, which were added in Office XP in 2002. It is the only product included on the Defense Security Service’s Trusted Downloading Products List, and it exceeds the requirements set forth in the NSA’s published guidance on data redaction.  It even includes a process for reviewing embedded pictures that can not be analyzed by a computer program.



  • Meets the intent of the Government's "100% reliable human review" criteria.
  • Listed on the Defense Security Service (DSS)
    Trusted Downloading Products List
  • Approved for use at Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  • "A powerful tool that incorporates document-review best practices that otherwise require tedious manual checking"
    Mike Chapple,
    Info Security
  • "Document Detective finds a surprising amount of hidden metadata not meant for public consumption."
    John Breeden,
    GCN Magazine
  • "Document Detective can clean up most documents in seconds, removing data rather than just the pointers to it."
    George V. Hulme,
    Network Computing


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